I study computer science at GWU. I'm very excited to be joining the lab of Guy Van den Broeck at UCLA for my PhD in Fall 2023.

Here is my CV and my GitHub.

Contact me by email: odbroadrick (at) gmail (dot) com


My research interests are still forming. I love thinking mathematically, and I particularly enjoy projects with social impact.

Statistical Election Audits. Among other things, I've worked in Professor Poorvi Vora's research group on risk-limiting audits (RLAs), rigorous statistical procedures used to detect errors in election results. This has included experimentation [1] and the development of a new statistical test, PROVIDENCE, the most efficient and secure ballot polling RLA known [3]. I wrote a proof that PROVIDENCE is risk-limiting, conducted experiments to develop understanding of the test, wrote an open source implementation, and participated in its pilot use by the US State of Rhode Island, described in their press release. PROVIDENCE is implemented in open source software package Arlo, the most popular election audit software in the US. I presented a poster on some of this work at the 2022 GW SEAS R+D Showcase, and another poster at the 2023 GW Business and Policy Forum on Cybersecurity.

  1. Oliver Broadrick, Adellar Irankunda, Maya Shende, Abby Stylianou, and Robert Pless. Single Image Camera Calibration From Glitter. In preparation, 2023.
  2. Oliver Broadrick. Risk-Limiting Audit PROVIDENCE and Round Size Considerations. MS Thesis, The George Washington University, 2023.
  3. Oliver Broadrick, Poorvi Vora, and Filip Zagórski. PROVIDENCE: a Flexible Round-by-Round Risk-Limiting Audit. To appear, USENIX Security 2023. (earlier arXiv version)
  4. Hesham Fouad, Oliver Broadrick, Benjamin Harvey, Charles Peeke, and Bhagirath Narahari. Real-Time AI: Using AI on the Tactical Edge. Elsevier book chapter in "Assured Trust and Autonomy in Human-Machine teams (AAAI SSS 2023)", selected invited papers based on presentation at 2022 AAAI Spring symposium.
  5. Oliver Broadrick, Sarah Morin, Grant McClearn, Neal McBurnett, Poorvi L. Vora, and Filip Zagórski. Simulations of Ballot Polling Risk-Limiting Audits. Seventh Workshop on Advances in Secure Electronic Voting, in association with Financial Cryptography 2022. (video, slides)


I quite like teaching. I am the unit tutor for the US Navy ROTC, Capital Battalion, a private tutor at Tungsten Prep, and a teaching assistant in George Washington University's courses on Discrete Mathematics and Foundations of Computing.

Please give me anonymous feedback on my teaching.


"They did not die! I never said died. We lost them, I said. We lost them and we cannot find them." -Tolkien