I am a final-year undergraduate student studying computer science and math at George Washington University. I'm also a proud member of GW Men's Rowing.


My research interests are broad and forming; I like thinking mathematically and abstractly, and I've particularly enjoyed working on projects that have meaningful impact.

Statistical Election Audits

Since 2020 I've been working on a team led by Professor Poorvi Vora on statistical risk-limiting audits (RLAs) which validate election results within rigorous error bounds. I've enjoyed working on both the theory and implementation, contributing to our open source audit software. My first paper will appear shortly in Voting '22, and additional manuscripts presenting novel audits and related results are currently being drafted.

  1. Broadrick, O., Morin, S., McClearn, G., McBurnett, N., Vora, P. L., Zagórski, F.: Simulations of Ballot Polling Risk-Limiting Audits. In: 7th Workshop on Advances in Secure Electronic Voting (Financial Cryptography 2022)


I am working with Professor Bhagi Narahari to develop a scheduling algorithm for neural network tasks using an imprecise computation model. I will report results here.

Hotel Recognition

Human trafficking cases often have images from hotel rooms as evidence. A group led by Professor Robert Pless has already compiled a database of millions of hotel room images and developed the tool Traffickcam that can be used to match query images hotel chains and locations. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) uses Traffickcam as it is, but there is room for improvement. The current matching approach essentially reduces the resolution of the query image for use as input to a neural network. This ignores higher resolution details in the image that could be identifying features for a particular room. I am working on a new search capability that computes descriptors of such key points in the image and searches for similar points in the database to find matches.


I love helping folks learn. I have been tutoring math, physics, and computer science since I was in high school. Since then I have tutored for the GW Athletics Department, and I currently tutor high school students for a local Washington, DC company. If you're here for my tutoring, please fill out this form. I have worked as an instructional assistant for the past several semesters, including leading my own lab sections in Fall '21 and Spring '22:

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